Practicing My German at the CBSO (Blog 2)


We met at the CBSO Centre which is where he works sometimes and I said I’d never been before, so he took a bit of time to show me round which was a) nice of him and b) really useful as I’ve got to attend some rehearsals there in June/July, so now I know my way round a bit!

I brought my laptop as I wanted to show him some stuff I’d saved on there from two music schools in Germany that he’d recommended to me (the UDK and the Hanns Eisler, in case you didn’t already know!). I’d just saved some bits of the application forms/entry requirements that I had some questions about. I speak a tiny bit of German but only up to GSCE level and it’s not enough to handle the hefty university blurb!

We had a talk about what was on the forms I showed him – basically he just told me what the audition requirements were – and then we got on to talking about entry requirements, how to apply, when the admission dates were, etc. He obviously didn’t know much about these – I’m the one applying, not him! – so instead he promised to put me in touch with two former students he knew. Both students have been to both the UDK and the Hanns Eisler, doing an Undergrad at one and a Postgrad at the other. So that should also be really helpful!
The whole applying to a uni in a different country thing is pretty daunting. It’s going to take me a while to get the hang of where to apply and a whole new set of term dates and things, let alone grasp a new language! I’m currently resurrecting my German via the online courses at, which I’d really recommend.
So I’ll await Simon’s emails and start looking at entry times and things. I’m even going to try and see if I can get a tour of the UDK and the HE, so I might actually be jetting off to Berlin sometime in the near future! I’m glad I’m taking a couple of years out before I apply, just because it gives me time to get a job, save money, improve my German and get things in order. Watch this space!



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