Tea and Talk at the House of Lords

Baroness Massey and I arranged our first meeting via email. After the initial email I received one asking if I could come down to London for tea in the House of Lords! Not what I was expecting, but it was a really nice surprise.

I went to the House of Lords and our meeting went really well. We got something to drink and discussed what I wanted to get out of our sessions and what I was hoping to do after university. As I don’t know what I want to do, we are both going to do a bit of research into possibilities. We discussed the idea of taking a year out next year to clear my head since I never took a gap year and we agreed that it was difficult to make a decision with so much other stuff going on this year.  Next time we will make a list of all the things I might like to do.

I got a brief tour around the House of Lords, and I then got to sit in and listen to proceedings! Finding out you have a mentor is great, but you never know what to expect until you meet them. Now that I have met Doreen, I’m so pleased. She made me realise it was OK not to have a long term career plan already laid out, which was a relief.


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