Exciting trip to London (Blog 2)

Five months after the mentoring scheme began I travelled down to London to meet Mike for our final face to face meeting. Whilst Mike is obviously incredibly busy he has always made time for us to meet and is genuinely enthusiastic about the scheme.

At our previous meeting after initially discussing both Mike’s and my own experiences we had quickly settled to discussing what I wanted to get out of my career. This was something I found really hard to answer and I defiantly left the session with more questions than answers (in a good way). I found it really useful to be able to discuss ideas and get honest feedback from Mike and I think this really helped when it came to deciding the career I wanted to pursue.

Armed with info from our first meeting I was able to decide on the kind of role I would like in a future career. I completed the appropriate applications and went to assessment centres. Again Mike’s advice was really useful during this time, and he was able to give some good advice as someone who is part of the interview process. After this I was lucky enough to receive offers for graduate schemes at a couple of companies, and accepted a role in the oil and gas sector.

All this meant that as I travelled down to London I was in a very different position to our previous meeting. Whilst we had kept up to date with my progress, the first part of our meeting was spent catching up with each other and discussing Sainsbury’s involvement in Red Nose Day. Following this we discussed the role I would be taking and Mike was able to provide great advice for settling down and making a good impression at a new company, it was interesting to see how many of the skills required for my role were transferrable even though I will be entering a completely different sector.

We both agreed that as I had now secured a graduate place and we both had busy periods coming up that there was no need to schedule another meeting for the immediate future. We have however left it open if anything should come up during the rest of the term or even after graduation. It was a really enjoyable last meeting with Mike and great to have a successful conclusion to the relationship.



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