Updates! (Blog 2)

It’s been five months since the beginning of the AMLP and since then my relationship with Mayank has continuously developed. I think both of us are really enjoying the scheme and benefiting from each other’s experience and different outlook on the world.

Right now I am on the train back from London to Birmingham, after being invited by Mayank to a prestigious event organised by YPO (Young Presidents’ Organisation) and WPO (World Presidents’ Organisation). The focus of the event was social entrepreneurship, a great interest and passion of mine, which Mayank has well remembered, hence his invitation to me for the event. It was a fantastic evening – networking and a short conference led by Ashoka UK (well-known global network of leading social entrepreneurs) followed by dinner. Mayank introduced me to many of the YPO and WPO members and I also met his wife, who I’ve wanted to meet for a while as she is the one running their family charity and I am interested in finding out more. I had the chance to speak to the head of Ashoka and other social entrepreneurs, which strengthened my network of contacts in that field.

Yesterday evening was the second time Mayank and I meet in person. Our first meeting happened last month when he came to Birmingham and we had lunch together. It was great to finally meet in person after several conversations on the phone or via email. He shares his experience and knowledge with me with great excitement and I can see why he’s been such a successful entrepreneur. He expressed his passion and drive for success in all his business decisions. It was inspiring to listen to his stories about the early years of his career and all the challenges he has faced and what he has done to overcome them. His company, Currencies Direct, is the pioneer private company for foreign currency exchange. Before Mayank came up with the idea, it was only the big banks doing currency exchange. That’s why he is known as the “Man who beat banks at their own game”: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2002/dec/28/raceintheuk.mbas.

Mayank has also expressed great interest in my future career plans. I talk to him about all job applications I do and he has even offered me to look over my CV and cover letters. He’s encouraged my application for the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (http://www.newentrepreneursfoundation.co.uk/) which as a prestigious organisation developing future business leaders and fast-growth entrepreneurs. He’s even expressed interested in his company entering the foundation as one of the host companies for the young entrepreneurs.

My relationship with my Mayank now is based on a mutual exchange of experience and interests and it is very much one of friendship. He has been a great mentor so far and I am looking forward to our next meeting when he has invited me to an insight day at his company.


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