Just at the House of Lords (Blog 2)

Dear Blog,

Well here is the second instalment of my tales of the ALMP, and this time we’re starting at the House of Lords, yes that’s right, as in one half of the Houses of Parliament. So now to explain how I found myself there…

The University of Birmingham holds an annual reception for its alumni at the House of Lords and the Development and Alumni Relations Office kindly invited me to attend this year’s reception as my mentor would be attending. Luckily it fell the day after I finished my first set of finals, so I was delighted to accept the invitation. Those from Birmingham were travelling down together, but as I was going to be in London already that morning I had only to travel a few stops on the Jubilee line.

I was going to meet my mentor in the reception so I made my way into the House of Lords and found myself at the very heart of British politics. Once Andrew, my mentor, had arrived we were able to have a relaxed and informal catch up on what happened since our first meeting (in particular Andrew was keen to hear how I felt my finals had gone). It was also a chance for Andrew to introduce me to some of his fellow alumni. I had the great pleasure of meeting Professor Sir Charles George, one of Birmingham’s “Outstanding alumni”, who was able to tell me about many of his experiences at the British Heart Foundation, Southampton University, the BMA and of course Birmingham.

I also had the chance to talk to a variety of alumni, each with their own pearls of wisdom to dispense. From talking with a Judge to a Roman Catholic Priest, it was an entertaining evening and reminded me of the great breadth of experience amongst Birmingham’s alumni. It also proved to be the perfect antidote to the after-effects of the previous few days of exams and a great way to re-invigorate my passion for my career.

So on that note blog, I shall leave you, until I return with my next instalment!


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