New Opportunities (Blog 2)

Creating your own luck.

A lot has happened since my last post in November. Through Liz, my mentor, I was able to arrange a two-week internship, at a well-known independent production company in London. Before I started, I spoke to Liz and she said that one of the most important thing is to create your own luck. Taking this message on-board, I began my internship just before Christmas.

During this time I was able to work on a few different shows, and I also spent a lot of time with the development team, including going on their development day away, creating new ideas and programmes. I started off researching into programmes, potential talents we can look into using, as well as verifying questions from a show. This was very insightful as it gave me a very good overview on how a show begins, as oppose to the production side, which I’m slightly more familiar with.

I started to gain an understand how different channels work, their demographic, strategically creating shows that will fulfil their needs. Although this all sounds like standard practice, actually getting down on the numbers and understanding which show performed best, then proving that the programme that we’re creating will share this popularity was challenging. This was one of the most valuable things that I’ve learnt.

In the two weeks, I also shadowed an editor and experienced an actual Avid editing suite. As an editor myself, it was great seeing what the professionals do, and without a doubt, I took on board some of the good practices that he showed me. Interestingly, I also got a screen test. I talked a lot of my engineering background and so on, but it was certainly something new to experience being on camera as oppose to being behind it. I was then brought back into my comfort zone, by helping out on a shoot.

Over the two weeks, I was also lucky enough to create a piece of work which they showed to one of the commissioners at a channel, the feedback that was given to me, fortunately was very positive. The internship went by very quickly, but I got to know the team and, I learnt a lot. The most gratifying thing was that a few people have mentioned getting me back after graduation on my last day – my first television internship couldn’t have gone better.

After the internship, I spoke to Liz again to talk about next steps. I was glad to hear that I was definitely on track; we’re now working together in getting an internship at an international channel.

Simply, I couldn’t thank Liz enough. She’s incredibly supportive and pro-active. Having her as my mentor, without a doubt, has opened up many new opportunities for me.


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