Dissertation help (Blog 3)

My second conversation with Rowan Hilson took place via telephone as I had called her for a catch up so that she was aware what I have done towards my goals and how I had acted upon the advice and information she had given me. This conversation was fairly quick as I just updated her with my progress informing her that I had been in contact with the professor she had advised me to talk to about my dissertation topic as this was his area of interest.

When I emailed him he responded with a lot of useful articles for me to look at to improve my understanding of the area and to confirm my belief that this was an area of care that required reviewing. In addition I updated Rowan about the steps I had taken to develop my nursing skills and to help my C.V stand out from the other nurses in future such as: visiting an inquiry at a corners court to improve my understanding of why safe and effective practice is so important in my future career.

Moreover I spent some time doing prison nursing to experience a different environment of nursing and to practice non-discriminate care. In addition I also volunteered to take part in a two day advanced life support programme where I was able to develop my knowledge of critical care and skills in regards to assessing critically ill patients, reading ECG’S and understanding blood gases; this will help to prepare me for both my critical care model as well as in practice as I plan to use it if I come across a patient who is critical unwell.

Further to my discussion with Rowan I discussed the steps that I had taken to tackle the statistical analysis involved in my dissertation that I expressed concerns about to Rowan in our initial meeting. To tackle this issue I had approached one of my lecturers who are not my dissertation supervisor as he stated that quantitative research was not his area of expertise to gain her support. This other lecture has been a great help in aiding my understanding of statistics and has offered her help over the holiday period which has increased my confidence in tackling the statistics.

Rowan told me that she was impressed the steps I had taken to improve upon my nursing experience and to help myself stand out as a candidate. Towards the end of our phone conversation Rowan informed me that should I have any questions I am more than welcome to email her and she will do her best to answer them. Then we discussed the possibility of meeting up for dinner in Birmingham as this is where I currently live and she is due to visit in the near future.

The plan is to arrange a meal hopefully with the other student she is mentoring as it would be nice to all meet together and as we are both doing medical based subjects we may be able to learn from each other. In addition Rowan mentioned that she is often invited to attend a number of conferences and if she sees any that she believes may be of interest to me then I am welcome to join her. I look forward to our next meeting where I will be able to discuss what I have done to date and what I plan to do to get her advice


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