Decisions, Decisions (Blog 2)

Following my written application, an interview, a presentation and many days of waiting, I was extremely pleased to be informed that I got my first choice, Martin, as a mentor; an Advisory Director and former Partner at Goldman Sachs – not bad.

I applied to the mentoring programme in the first place, because I wanted for some guidance with my future career decisions. Having had quite a bit of strategy consulting experience, I was now hoping to get an insight into the world of investment banking and was hoping that Martin would be the perfect mentor for this – so far he has been.

Before our first meeting I was fairly nervous, but as it turned out I had no reason to be. Martin was very easy going and we got along great. The tie was loosened quickly, and we talked about university life, career prospects and each others’ expectations from the mentoring programme.

Ever since, Martin and I stay in contact via phone and email. We exchange ideas about my planned masters and prepare together for upcoming interviews. So far my expectations have been fully met and sometimes exceeded, and I am looking forward to seeing Martin again in the New Year. I will keep you updated about it.


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