One-to-one guidance from my mentor, Mayank Patel (Blog 1)

First few conversations with Mayank Patel

It is the end of first semester and so far I have had a few conversations with Mayank – via phone or email. He is a great guy – a knowledgeable entrepreneur with a very clear business focus but at the same time also involved in various social initiatives. Most of all, he is very easy and fun to talk to – that was important for our first “break the ice” conversation, half of which we spent talking about university experience, family and fun stuff. He expressed very clearly his commitment to help me with anything he can in terms of professional mentorship. What I enjoy the most during our conversations is that he always has an example from his experiences that matches the situation I am in now.

Today we had a phone conversation discussing the different options I have open for me for when I graduate and trying to find the “perfect” type of organisation that would suit me in order to realise my highest potential.

Mayank always explains to me the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and says that, at the end of the day, it is about what suits me best not what sounds best.

Mayank’s experience as a successful entrepreneur is a limitless well of examples of choices and practices that he has applied. It is really interesting to see how some of the choices he’s made have taken him so far in terms of business success.

He offered to help me with selecting a few medium sized enterprises and guide me through the application process by reviewing my cv and application. As we are both very people-orientated and believe in the power of face-to-face contact we decided that it would be great to schedule our first face-to-face meeting early in the new year. He also said he will come for a coffee in Birmingham at some point. I believe meeting him in person will help us develop the mentoring relationship even further as conversation via phone or email cannot express all elements of communication. I am really looking forward to our meeting  🙂


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