First Impressions matter (Blog 1)

Prescheme & how I’m getting on so far

So I first met my mentor Andrew Garner at a PSA graduation in June last semester. He was giving a speech at the ceremony and I was struck by how he didn’t mince his words. He talked about life and what it was like when he was at uni and a bit on his career. In addition he spoke his opinion on the current situation for graduates just commencing on their careers and even dared to speak about government policy! I was very impressed as I felt like he was being honest and not just saying meaningless phrases because they sound good. On the basis of this I went to speak to him at the end for 5 minutes and then I also put him as my first choice for mentor.

I was ecstatic to hear that I’d got onto the scheme and secured my first choice of mentor. I was not deterred at all by the fact that this was his first time taking part in ALMP I was confident that he would be a great mentor and would give me his honest view on things. He has had various jobs but currently works in recruitment so I thought “I need a job, who better to help me get one than a recruitment consultant?!”

Since being on the scheme and meeting with my mentor again I have realised it is not simply about just “getting a job” it is about getting the “right job for you”, or a job that will “get you to where you want to be”. With the job market how it is, it’s easy to freak out and worry about the future. My mentor has taught me to think bigger than the next few months and start to formulate a plan, however loose, on where I want to be in the next 5 years or so.


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