Exciting Trip to London (Blog 1)

I was delighted to be selected for the Alumni Mentoring Scheme, and even more thrilled to be given Andrew Fisher as my mentor, the CEO of Towry. In the run-up to meeting our mentors, the careers centre provided training on how to prepare and what to expect from the scheme, which was really useful.

I took some time to decide on some personal goals for the programme and research a bit about my mentor.

On 20th November I travelled to London to meet my mentor, Andrew Fisher, for the first time. I was warmly received in his offices on the 17th floor with the most spectacular views of London.

As it was our first ever communication we spent the time getting to know one another and I explained my current situation regarding graduate job applications and my goals for the programme. He gave me advice on many aspects, and answered some general questions I had. Furthermore he took a copy of my CV to review for feedback. From this discussion we decided how Andrew could best help me through the course of this year.

I really enjoyed this initial meeting, it was very interesting to discuss current changes in the industry with Andrew, and he was very friendly and helpful.

We discussed future communications and I look forward to this relationship developing further. Having had such a successful meeting, I now feel even more pleased to be part of this beneficial scheme.


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