A Few mistakes with my mentor! (Blog 1)

I was delighted when I found out I had been selected for the Alumni Mentoring Scheme.  I’ve been attracted to a career in banking and finance from a young age so was very happy to find out my mentor was Yogesh Dewan (Yogi), somebody with over 10 years experience in the industry as an executive director and now CEO of an asset management company.

My mentoring experience didn’t start off as well as I’d hoped.

First of all, Yogi’s initial e-mail was sent to my spam folder, something I hadn’t contemplated happening, so I had ignorantly presumed he’d been busy and hadn’t sent anything, meaning my reply was late.  Secondly, I’d spelt Yogi’s name wrong in an early e-mail, which looked unprofessional and didn’t give off a good first impression. This all meant I was even more nervous about meeting Yogi in person. However when we did eventually sit down face to face, my nerves were soon settled as I realized how approachable and kind Yogi is. Although I’d got a bit of a telling off for my initial slip-ups, this was exactly what I wanted from a mentor; somebody to encourage me when I’m doing well, but also to put me in the right direction when I’m making mistakes.

Our talk was short and just involved us getting to know each other a bit more; Yogi had been talking at the Financial Forum and didn’t have much time, but he wanted us to meet briefly and get a date in so we could have a proper discussion.  I’m going down to London in two weeks time where I’m meeting Yogi for lunch. I’m really looking forward to having a proper chat with him and have lots of questions I want to ask.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.



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