So you want to be on TV? (Blog 1)

Definition of a flying start!

I’m a little late to this blog as I was a bit busy in the last two weeks. If you didn’t know, Guild TV was live broadcasting the UBSport event: Xplosion 2012. Our producer, the team and myself were busy making it happen in the weeks leading up to it. Although it was extremely tiring, we managed to pull off our largest live broadcast ever!

Back to the ALMP. Firstly, I spoke to Liz in my first year at a Careers Network event on media, and we kept in touch ever since. So it came to my surprise and relief when I found out that Liz was my mentor – it was nice as I felt that I could just pick things up from where I left off. I spoke her I think a little over two weeks ago and our first phone call happened when I was on our FreshersTV set. We spent some time catching up, her telling me about all the different programs she’s been commissioning recently, and then she told me the two categories of television: production and commissioning. I never really knew what commissioning did, so when she told me what it was, it sounded really interesting.

As I didn’t really know what in particular I wanted to do in television, I just wanted to get as much experience as I can, which hopefully will lead me to exactly what I want to do. Whilst I was thinking that, Liz told me that getting as must experience as I can is definitely the way forward. At that very moment, I was so glad that I was paired up with a mentor that understood where I was coming from!

Very quickly, we decided that I should get some experience at an actual production company, as oppose to our student television station. Hopefully this would give me some exposure to the production side of the business. She then proposed that I can get some commissioning experience with her at Discovery, which will be arranged as a separate placement. I couldn’t be happier or more excited.

Over the next few days, I received a string emails from Liz and an Executive Producer from a large production company confirming dates for work experience: I genuinely didn’t believe this was happening. At the moment, getting some work experience in production over Christmas seems very promising.

It’s just incredible how one phone call has lead to so many opportunities.


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