Food, a tour and some advice (Blog 2)

Today I had my first face to face meeting with my mentor Dr Hilson.  We had arranged to meet a few days earlier through a telephone conversation. During this conversation we began to get to know one another and discussed where our first meeting should take place.

Although Dr Hilson does travel to Birmingham occasionally we decided that it might be nice to meet in London. This meant I would be able to see where she worked, meet her colleagues who are work in the diabetes policy team. The meeting place in London was a gorgeous building that had previously been a Japanese bank and is now the Department of Health.

When I arrived I was welcomed into the building by Dr Hilson and she introduced me to her colleagues. Where she explained about what her work involves and who the other members of her team were and what their responsibilities are. Afterwards we found a quiet spot that created a nice, relaxed environment.

Dr Hilson, I found friendly and easy to talk to. This enabled me to explain about my course and talk about any issues I had in particular we discussed an issue which seems to haunt the lives of all third years which is our dissertation. I explained my chosen topic and some of the difficulties I was coming across. Dr Hilson was able to point me in the direction of some of her colleagues who work in the area that may be able to enhance my understanding.

Furthermore she was able to direct me to some websites and published research that may be of use to me. In addition we also discussed how we could make my dissertation stand out. After the meeting we had planned to go for a meal in a restaurant called La Barca, this provided an excellent opportunity to further get to know one another.

The restaurant was lovely and we were able to get to know each other better and even discussed my plans to travel to Africa at some point in the future. As Dr Hilson has travelled to different parts of Africa so was able to advise me on the type of companies to look out for when planning my trip. I look forward to developing our relationship.


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