Getting my chosen mentor! (Blog 1)

I am just beginning my journey through the Alumni Leadership Programme and I can already see it is going to be an exciting and challenging time. I am looking forward to building on my skills, learning to take the lead more so that I can develop as a professional.

My mentor is Dr Rowan Hilson; I was very pleased when I was told that she would be my mentor as Dr Hilson was my first choice.  There were many reasons for this but particularly it was her years of experience in diabetes an area that I am interested in working in the future.

Recently I attended a training session that lasted two hours this I found very useful as I able to learn more about the process, what I am expected to contribute and what I can gain.

In addition the training provided an avenue for me to get to know the other mentees and why they applied for the programme. It was a rather relaxed environment which was nice, and we took part in group exercises so we were able to talk and get to know one another. These exercises involved thinking about our objectives for the programme, what characteristics we should try to bring to the partnership as well as what we expect from our mentors. This again I found useful as by working collaboratively we came up with ideas that I had not originally thought of. As the old saying goes two heads are better than one.

Finally the session ended with a question and answer session with a mentee from last year, this was interesting as we got a an insight into his personal experience of the process and learnt what he gained from it as well as hearing his tips to get the best out of this partnership. I was emailed from my mentor earlier this week in regards to arranging our first meeting. As Dr Hilson is mentoring me and another student this year we are considering meeting up for a meal for our first meeting. I look forward to our first meeting and the chance to get to know her.


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