The future beyond UoB….

How much has the campus changed since you studied here? Come on …. I’m not that old was Martin’s reply as we walked around campus on his most recent visit. Given the transformation which the university is set to go through with the new library and sports centre, I imagine it may be slightly different when I return post-graduation.

With examination revision in full flight and the end of term beckoning, campus is busy with lots of students rushing off to the library which for the first time is open 24 hours. As it is a nice day we grab a drink, sit outside and talk about what it means to have studied at Birmingham and the sense of attachment we both feel to the university.

It is most certainly interesting to hear what Martin feels studying at Birmingham contributed to where he is at the moment in his personal and professional life but when asked the question of what I feel Birmingham means to me of what I take away from my time here, I’m a little bit stumped.

It has taken me a few days to conclude, but it most certainly has been good fun and I guess my only regret is that I wish it was now starting so I could do it all over again and do even more this time. The friends I’ve made and the fun nights out, the sports and dance teams I have been members off, the opportunity to live and study in Singapore for a year, travelling extensively around Asia, the crazy all-nighters trying to finish off pieces of coursework due in at 9am the next morning, living away from home and just generally trying to find my own way – Birmingham most certainly has been great. Exams and all are done for good now (c’est fini) and I am most certainly looking forward to partying and enjoying the last long summer before working life sets in.

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