Good news with my mentor Sir Liam Donaldson (Blog 3)

Hello! I had another meeting with Sir Liam Donaldson (ex chief medical officer) last week and it was really useful as well as serving as a reassuring break amongst the stresses of dissertation deadline and exams. We stared off discussing my plans for next year because I recently received an offer to do a PhD in London.

Sir Liam gave me some great advice about living and working in London so I am now even more excited for next year. Having completed some lab work that has gone well, Sir Liam worked with me to develop an abstract that I am writing to send off to a conference and hopefully get published – his vast experience in scientific and public writing really helped make me think about the structure of the document and the audience that I want to address. The last main thing we covered in this meeting was a week’s work experience which is due to take place after exams at the end of May; I will have the opportunity to shadow some of what Sir Liam does on a day to day basis and learn more about the public health system of this country and the field that I am about to enter as a post graduate.

As the end of a very busy and exciting year comes towards an end, I can genuinely say that the alumni scheme has added considerably to making my final year as an undergraduate exciting, unique and so far fairly successful!


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