Upon reflection (Blog 3)

I think the mentoring scheme is a fantastic idea, and although can be slow and not so clear-cut at times, for me it is the development of a long-term relationship that will be most valuable. I have met with Mike Coupe 3 times in total since December 2011 and each session has given me insight and thought-provoking concepts to take away and contemplate.

We began our sessions trying to understand each other, for me it was to learn of how Mike had risen to the current position he is in, the choices he had made and the route he took. For Mike, I guess it was to understand where I wanted to go and what it is that I like to do. I have been down to the Sainsbury’s offices a few times and Mike came to Birmingham to meet for Coffee also. The more casual time we spend talking, the more valuable the relationship becomes.

Earlier in the Year I needed to source a product to help me develop my magic business as I am currently looking to release a new trick. I knew the product was made somewhere in China but that’s a big place! Mike got his sourcing team on the case and within a few weeks had located a seller and obtained samples. This level of expertise and efficiency is invaluable. I hope to be able to launch my product soon through my website: http://www.jonnydevents.com so that Mike can see the help he has given me.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to meet for a few months as Mike is off to Harvard for an intensive study course. However I look forward to meeting with him when he returns to talk about some of the things he has learnt. I think in our next session we plan to address an obstacle that he has encountered in his career and analyse what choices he made and why, at that time.

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