Cilla Snowball an Inspiring Role model (Blog 2)

24th February 2012

I have been meeting up with Cilla once a month, alternating between London and Birmingham.  Most recently, we both attended the BUAFTA’s at the University of Birmingham, where the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme was up for the Best Idea of the Year award.  It was a privilege to attend this event and spend the evening in Cilla’s company.

Cilla has been a fantastic support, in both a professional and personal sense; providing great careers advice and also advising me about how to cope with the stresses of final year.  In our last meeting, Cilla emphasised the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and receiving feedback from my tutors, and I have really been able to take her advice on-board.  She has really helped me to alter my perspective about time management and how to balance my various commitments.

Cilla has also been really encouraging about my academic pursuits and therefore I have decided to wait until I have finished my dissertation in April, so that I can give my full attention to job applications.  Cilla has expressed her full commitment in helping me find employment, and we have arranged some key sessions in April/May to fine-tune my application writing skills and interview techniques.

I am so fortunate to have Cilla as a mentor; we have been able to forge a great relationship. She has been inspiring and an excellent role model, and it has been great to learn how we are so like-minded.

I am really looking forward to spending more time with her in the upcoming months.


Cilla Snowball

Cilla Snowball


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