The Pursuit of a Work-Life Balance (Blog 2)

I met with Tim Smart for the second time in late January at the Hyatt.  On this occasion we discussed methods of establishing a work-life balance.

It can be difficult to make time for relaxation and personal interests when the demands of work are high.  Tim gave a number of examples of colleagues whom had different approaches to the question – pointing out that those at the very top of their academic circles had devoted a huge amount of time, potentially at the cost of their personal/family lives.  We also discussed whether money is of importance and how this is a poor goal in entrepreunship, rather to work with another aim and see whether this develops into a profitable business.

Tim mentioned the value that he placed on exercise and remaining healthy, suggesting that it is important for optimum mental performance, which I have thought is the case. Following-on from our previous meeting, Tim and I discussed the potential for me to do some workplace shadowing with a couple of business people – with an aim to widen my experience of management skills.

In addition, Tim put me in touch with a doctor who has experience in entrepreneurship, research and leadership who will help advise on how I proceed with developing these aspects of my career. Tim and I have suggested we meet again next time I am in London, which is likely to be in early March.


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