Pursuit of a PhD (Blog 2)

Yesterday I had a phone meeting with Sir Liam (ex chief medical officer for 12 years and now hugely influential in the general medical council, NHS and world health organisation amongst other responsibilities) – this was our second conversation and didn’t disappoint in being interesting, useful and insightful.

We discussed my options regarding recent PhD applications and offers and he helped me come to a decision through his experiences and knowledge. We then spent the remainder of the meeting discussing plans for work experience in the coming months which sound extremely exciting and definitely something I would have struggled to get involved in without Sir Liam as a mentor.

Due to commitments on both Sir Liam and my parts, the meeting was relatively short but we have scheduled to meet up again in London in a few weeks time to talk properly face to face which I look forward to.

Having gone through a couple of tough weeks of PhD interviews, I can reveal that every single panel asked me about my involvement with Sir Liam. I am sure that as well as helping me prepare for and perform better in the interviews, my relationship with him impressed the panel in my favour! – I therefore highly recommend the scheme for the vast array of opportunities it provides throughout what can be a challenging final year of the degree.


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