Thinking short-term and long-term

First contact was made in November where Mike and I had a phone conversation and introduced ourselves. Mike is the Chairman of Southern water and also the Chairman of Premier Oil Plc; two engineering companies. I find that Mike is  one of the easiest people to talk to, and after introductions we got down to talking about my current prospects and what my aims are for the future.

I have an open criteria for a graduate job in that I would like it to have scope for advancement, be in some way relevant to my degree and to have the possibility to conduct work abroad. Mike asked me what I wanted from the mentoring programme and I stated that I wanted to develop mid and long term career goals, develop some personal skills and to nail down where I’m going with my degree.

I was wrapped up with these goals that I had set at the beginning of the mentoring session and had since been attending job interviews. Mike saw straight away the need to at present look at short term goals and actually think about the decisions I have coming up; i.e. what job do I want to take if I’m successful at interview, and what do I know about the companies I’m applying to? I can then look at mid and long term goals and appropriate personal skills training to suite that job and industry.

Mike has since given simple but sound advice about topics from gaining professional charter-ship to  understanding different company environments as well as evaluating my thoughts on what I want from a job. I will meet with Mike early in the new year and discuss our mentoring goals further.

One of the best things that Mike said about a future career was that you should take a job that meets your various personal wishes, such as location, money, travel etc… but also one that excites you; something that will really get you out of bed each day.


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