Nerves at the First Meeting

Hi! I am a final year student studying medical science and am currently being mentored by Sir Liam Donaldson, Ex-chief Medical Officer for 12 years as well as a host of other titles and qualifications.

I went to London last week (mid December) to meet Sir Liam Donaldson for the first time. I have to admit being extremely nervous and having no idea what to expect! After some brief introductions, we got down to discussing my applications and CVs during which he gave me some extremely useful advice about what was good and what I could improve. The best part of the meeting for me was discussing interview techniques – something that is very important in the coming years, yet I have next to no experience of it; Sir Liam suggested possible questions they might ask as well as ideas on how to stand out.

We also discussed career paths and how to go about getting to where I want to be despite of certain obstacles. Another meeting is scheduled for January after a couple of interviews to get some feedback and talk about possible work experience. The alumni scheme has so far been incredibly useful, insightful and exciting…and this is just the start!



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