Tips and hints on how to stand OUT from the crowd (Blog 2)

After having the amazing opportunity to go to London and watch Phyllida work on her new film The Iron Lady, Phyllida set me the task of writing a “wish list” for my future career dreams and aspirations, specifically asking me to focus on the ways in which her knowledge and expertise could help me on my way to achieve my goals and dreams. Having created a rough outline of what my ideal job would be (Television Producer) Phyllida and I arranged a Skype conversation to talk through the ways in which I could make these dreams come true. Phyllida was absolutely amazing during the Skype conversation, opening my eyes to different roots and avenues which I could pursue. For me, the greatest advice Phyllida gave to me was her honesty about the difficulty in breaking into such a competitive industry like the media whilst at the same time, offering me advice and guidance on how to improve my CV and stand out from the crowd.

As a home student at the University of Birmingham, Phyllida’s main advice was to research television production companies here in the midlands, contacting as many companies as possible in order to gain the vital work experience needed in such a competitive industry.

Thanks to Phyllida’s advice on how to contact these companies and how to conduct myself in a professional manner, I have been luckily enough to get an internship at a local television production company throughout my final year at university. Hopefully this has helped me to make the initial steps on to the career ladder which will hopefully lead me into a career in the media industry. Although the internship is only part time, It will give me an amazing insight into the whole production process and what skills and qualities are needed to be successful in the media.


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