What a great First Meeting with my mentor Martin Devenish

Coffee @ Birmingham New Street

Although a phone conversation to kick things off and arrange the first meeting was my first contact with my mentor, Martin Devenish we had a chance to sit and talk properly over coffee at Birmingham New Street Station on 31st October 2011. I had spent the day in lectures covering financial decision making in the business environment, asking the essential question of what is money and the role it plays in the society in which we live and he had been at Aston University, working with small and medium sized businesses in a bid to help the managers effectively deal with the business and commercial side to the products and services they offered.

After a quick introduction, he told me a little bit about his background history and the role he currently fills in his position with Goldman Sachs. I had previously told him about myself and general interests over the phone so we settled to talking about my 2 year career aspirations, what I looked to gain from the programme and how he could help me achieve my goals.

This session proved as more of an introduction and a general chat, however in the next sessions I Hope to find out:

  • What my mentor considers a successful career and what qualities and competencies are required to ensure one is able to achieve the goals he or she sets?
  • More about the world of finance, how to make big decisions and take risks.

I very much enjoyed the first session and I feel it was very positive. It is also good to know my mentor is willing to spend as much or as little time with me as I choose. With insights and exposure the main reasons I want to be a part of the programme, it is nice to know that he is willing to sit and run through a range of applications for jobs and a few other interesting opportunities available to me post-graduation.


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