Behind the Scenes at the Iron Lady

It’s half five in the morning and I am currently sitting on a train to Oxford Street London to meet my mentor; Phyllida Lloyd, for the first time. Having sent my mini-biography to Phyllida in early October I awaited her first contact with much anticipation, but little did I know that our first meeting would be under such extraordinary circumstances. Whilst checking my university emails late one night I noticed I had received an email from Phyllida in which she explained her new film project, The Iron Lady. Phyllida was kind enough to invite me down to London to watch and her team putting together the finishing touches to the film, a once in a life time opportunity for anybody who is interested in a career in the media industry.

I had to meet Phyllida and her team at 8 am in the studio for a packed day of colour and sound corrections. To be given the chance to see a film before it has been released was amazing but to watch and listen to some of the country’s most skilled media professionals whilst they worked was an absolute privilege, one which truly reaffirmed my own passion and commitment for a career in the industry. To go behind the scenes and into studios which has seen the creation of so many master pieces was beyond my wildest dreams and allowed me an inside perspective on how a directors vision is brought to life on the big screen.

After spending five hours editing the colour of the film to make it seamless, I followed Phyllida and her team to a different film studio where I watched them run through and finalise the sound for one of the film reels. The size of the studio and the technical abilities of the team truly blew my mind and really opened my eyes to just how much effort, time, commitment and passion are needed from all members of the team in large scale media productions.

To be able to watch and listen to a fantastic director such as Phyllida Lloyd whilst she worked was a complete honour, but to be able to speak to her throughout the process and ask questions which allowed me an invaluable insight into the industry was just incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to my mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of the experience and look forward to our next meeting where we will be able to discuss what I would like to gain out of my participation in the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme.


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